Program Introduction

我武維揚 The Triumph of Warriors’ Spirits


The dance is the extraction of the martial art in Chinese opera, which express the warriors’ brave spirit to glorify their martial moral. The strain strain of music accompanied by drumbeats in this dance is a metaphor of the brave warriors’ exercises.

敦煌舞影A Praise to Songs of Buddha

敦煌自漢唐以來位於中國西部是,一個通向絲綢之路的重要商業城市, 因為這是一個中西文化的交匯點 , 所以敦煌壁畫的舞蹈動作組合包容了東部和西部地區的特點 . 這首舞蹈創作源自於敦煌420窟佛畫,呈現強勁品味神秘..

Located at the western China, Tun-Hwang has been a major business city on the way to the Silk Road since Han and Tang Dynasty.  Because it is a place where East meets West, the frescos in Tun-Hwang mix the dancing gestures of its eastern and western regions.  This dance created on the Buddha‘s paintings in 420th Caves of Tun-Hwang shows strong taste of mystery.


傣族風情 The Arousal Style of Dai People’s Dance


Dai national minority people live in Yunnan Province, who can sing and dance well. The Dai national minority folk’s dance not only is spreading widely, but also is characteristic by the splendid and diverse style, and featured by its imitation of subtropics animal.


咪阿咪之歌Song of Mi Ami


Please listen to the voice between that mountain valley through ancient times before propagates eulogy which did not practice. They advocated the nature, they awed the gods, and contained the nature life in the singing sound. Melody in the mountain fables is so unexpectedly is such classic and lush. Let’s the heart which we awes search the Taiwan original resident's source of life.


   春意滿山崗The Awaking of Spring Comes to Hills

Dancers use the fans to express colorful formations, an image of kites like butterflies flying in the mountains in spring. The dance is symbolizing that Taiwan, as a kingdom of butterflies with multi-peaked mountains, is full of vitality; people living in it are full of passions and expectations toward their lives and future.

嘉賓讌樂舞A Warm Welcome


“Friends come from afar; isn’t pleasant?” said Confucius. This dance offers the guide for the proper way to treat guests. As Chinese cuisine is world famous, the honored guest should be treated to rich dishes. The dance is performed with the cups, plates and chopsticks.

"Sijihong" isTaiwanese folk song, based on the change of seasons to describe the context of love between 

men and women in a courtship, Taiwanese love songs are generally accompanied by a simple dance and 

the lyrics reflect a strong attraction between the singers

台灣鄉土情 FormosaTaiwan

These performances are a legacy of the early pioneers on the island: they represent the colorful and spirited 

activities passed down from years past and still much enjoyed on the island.

海之喃Dances of the Sea

This dance shows man and the sea, sky coexistence Penghu portrayal, and a free symbol of elegance and