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This article translated [Dance Magazine July 1993 P.46-47] Author Steve E. Bsff is a podiatrist, footprint visited the school Joffreu Ballet School, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Martha Graham School of Contemporary. It is sponsored by Repetto dance company supplies "prevention and health care programs," lecture series is a part, for this is a basic and simple handling of the injured students have been offered the hope that the students will be Help.

Ankle sprain: ice, compression affected or ankle, and raise the affected area, rest. If the body's own weight to make the injured ankle pain, use crutches. Shoes imbalance correction place. If within a few hours ago inflamed injured phenomenon has not diminished or injured area quickly feel severe pain clinic for medical treatment by a physician.

After the leg muscle strain: rest, support the affected area, and make ice. When the pain diminished, slowly extending the affected area. Thermal compression or heat soak. Do reconstruction movement extends.

Inflamed foot (plantar fasciitis): Soak the affected area in hot Epsom salt solution for 15 minutes, with the arch support foot or tape.

Soles of the feet (bottom of the foot): 5 minutes ice, mat or blanket Moleskin.

Muscle (generate strong organization movement): ice for 10 minutes, using a slow and gradual injured muscle, injured 24 hours before raising the affected area every 15 minutes, rest for 15 minutes, when the inflammation has decreased heat or affected area start soak them in hot water. Before and after school, in the case of the first extension can tolerate tight muscles.

Ligament (fibrous band structure for connecting the bone and tissue): every five minutes of ice time, continue to do 24-48 hours; supported with tape or an elastic bandage.

Tendon (the muscle inelastic connective tissues connect bone): every 10 minutes of ice time, continue to do 24-48 hours; an elastic bandage or elastic stockings old bandage, raise the affected area, each lasting 15 minutes, massage the affected area.

Joints (bone junction): every five minutes of ice time, continue to do 24-48 hours; cushions or bandage the affected area, and to raise the affected area, each lasting 15 minutes, massage the affected area.

Muscle fatigue and cramps: rest, heat, massage, slowly activities affected. Replenish moisture and salt. Do not be too tired in the classroom. Bruising or contusion: ice, rest, raise the affected area. If there is inflammation of the mass must be taken to hospital for treatment by a physician. The affected area is immersed in ice water, and oppression continued for 72 hours, after which the affected area and then heat or hot water and then soak them.

Blisters: use sterile needle punctured blister, leaving piece of skin; then wash the wound with water; painted cream and make dressing. With tincture of benzoin (tincture of benzoin) the affected area of ​​the skin to harden. Blisters around again with moleskin cushion, or with Vaseline so that lubrication. If the situation continues for more than 1-2 days, or even worsen the situation, and quickly seek medical treatment.

Toenail: first nail brush with a toothbrush to clean, coated with alcohol disinfectant, and then cut from the nail. If inflammation or nail has been growing within the meat, 15 minutes will soak the affected area in Epsom salt solution for 15 minutes, and continued at intervals of 24-48 hours. If the nails are black or have affected pumping pain, and quickly seek medical treatment, diagnosis and treatment by a physician.