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Learn dance first person, nor good moral character.
A good professional and moral difference, into the community quite terrible.
A good professional and moral difference, is not afraid to change to do other.
Professional poor character or bad, no law to sell vegetables in the future.
Both red ideals, employers are taking away.

Student Groups raised his head, the focus is always on top.
Front abdomen after hip. Mental focus to be refreshing.
Pull back the tree straight neck, eyes flat as the legs clamped.
Not to mention stiff air live normal breathing should be normal.
More than essentials to keep track, through a to the end.

Soft opening degree
School dance practice soft start, these are just the start.
Pressure stretching hurts, how hurt to practice success.
Under vertical fork straighten hip after hip forward to the next to be considered.
Under cross-fork Do not be afraid, not hurt to talk.
Soft opening degree is not solved, no other legal action.

It has erupted force kicks, knees straight back upright.
Thirds stretching seven kicks, grasp the essentials and more practice.
The teacher does not essentials gas, grow up to be crying.

Do wipe looking posture, legs clamped turned away.
Wipe out the legs should be straight, feeling scheduled to go to the toes.
Use the inside of the leg clamp, the outer muscle underdeveloped.
Note wipe open pointed, accurate essentials before saving.

Do squats down pressure, body upright open crotch.
Open towards both sides of the outer legs, squat knees looking toes.
To jump high in the future, we must first do squats.

Small kicks
Body upright pulling the foot, looking for explosive leg power.
25 degrees to rest, recover, we should also make the effort.
Strength training is important, the impact of future do fauna.

Leg squats
Single leg squats practice flexible, standardized essentials to be hard.
At the same straight while bending the knee to open can not be closed.
To stretch to breathe, head up a long long.

Snap Boxing
Snap Boxing is very important to do, suction leg Leg-Snap is enjoyed.
Li Zhi Yao mention live hip center of gravity under the control of the foot.
Rejection can not surmise, the power control to within.

A waist is the axis of action, it can not do well.
Do at the waist to keep in mind, do not breathe smoothly goosenecking.
Frontal straight lumbar bend, next to the waistband look obliquely downward.
Mention breathing to breathing, specifications essentials to keep in mind.

Summarize the last
The last action seriously do, specifications essentials can not be wrong.
Diligent practice hard science, martial arts can be seen.
Find sense to find the essentials, the road to success has been laid.

Leg transfer
Turn to find the upright leg, leaving the head shakes to keep in mind.
Hip leg straightened away, the center of gravity in order not to run around.
Can not stand up and hold your breath, specifications essentials think carefully.

Go straight to practice in the pan, leaving the head shakes look ahead.
Straight knee can not bend his legs as hip width distance.
The center of gravity between the legs upright, standing tall half toe.
Arms flat shoulder sinking, wide-eyed mention living God.

Well done to the action, intermediate hops only less problems.
A small jump straight knees, toes stretched body upright.
It is important to make the jump, jump up and grasp the essentials.
Small hop hop fauna, rack their brains to find a trick.
High jump posture toward the United States, hip force against his legs.
US feels good attitude, to the air looking for more practice.

Small hop sub
Small jumped son also called channeling stand, grasp the essentials seriously.
Waist mention live under hips, standing toe head look.
Arm stretch like wheels, vertical axis round head forward.
Stay shakes head forward. OK, do foot forward to light.
Legs rhythm to the average, more than essentials to keep in mind.
Not just as a trifling matter, this action is very difficult.
Do not mind is not practice, essentials plus proper intentions,
Will be able to do a good job of channeling stand.