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(This article was edited by the author Jan Dunn MS, Jan Dunn MS during the summer of 1998, he was invited to Taiwan, a professor at Chinese Culture University Department of Dance "Dance harm" of new knowledge.)
Dance Institute of Medicine, the Institute of Arts and clinical performance sports south (in Colorado Ballet Dance Academy): Unit responsible
What is the warm-up?
The body is able to move in complete safety under to "maximum energy" to dance! Is to increase the body temperature of the deep, so you can make our joint smooth, while increasing our heart rate and breathing rate, our muscles will be more flexible, but also can stimulate the faster our main nerve tissue of system operation, then we can in order to coordinated way to move it! As in order to avoid damage to your engine, you will not warm up in cold weather did not directly launch your car, the same way; apply it on your body, warm it! !
How do I know if I do a warm-up?
If you exercise at least 15 minutes, lasted until the sweat and you feel the state of the body is relaxed, soft, then you really did it!
How to complete the warm-up?
The only way is to increase the body's heat and alternating contraction and relaxation of your muscles! In terms of the most professional dancers; the ballet warm-up lever operation is a general program! Good warm-up is to concentrate on the work to complete the body warm.
Some can affect your warm-up situation?
Age: older people, the warm-up time must be a little longer.
Weather: cold weather, warm-up time you have a little bit longer!
Injured: use the extra time to the injured area thoroughly warm start.
Excited state: if you are too nervous or upset, your muscles will be tighter, more of the action will be bound to your body more prone to injury! So try to relax the body, but also according to individual needs, really warm to avoid injury!
Diseases: If the disease has been dancing during your limit with you, that you must rely on their own very patient in extra thorough warm-up time!
How long do a warm-up time?
The length of time is different according to your body needs; but it is typically 15 to 20 minutes! (There are many professional dancers need to spend 20 to 40 minutes).
Stretch, stretch is a good way to warm it?
Not quite! Extend only part of the answer, a warm-up is needed to improve the heat shrink and stretch the body, so stretching alone is not enough. A good warm-up is built with loose muscles to shrink, stretch; deep stretch until you complete the warm-up, preferably in the classroom or rehearsal, and not at the outset, to avoid injury.
Relax also very important?
Absolutely! Relaxation can help your body weight back to its normal central position and breathing rate, but also to help us ease the pain sometimes feel the next day, moving slowly and surround the space, and reduce muscle movement is good relaxation techniques.