Home News Performance The North Carolina international Folk Festival –FOLKMOOT USA 2014
HUA-YI Dance Art Center currently receives North Carolina festival invitations will go to the United States in the summer Art Festival (The North Carolina international Folk Festival -FOLKMOOT USA 2014), so that children have the opportunity to personally participate in the actual life of the exotic, and elite performers from various countries interactive cultural exchange, to develop an international perspective and values ​​with each other, nurture their children's future in the face of international challenges of courage and independence of spirit, then the most important thing is August 7 invited by New York City Hall at Lincoln Center Lincoln Center outdoor do outdoor performances, there are hard-won this award, especially in this internationally renowned cities of the world, performing arts center on behalf of Taiwan to promote Chinese culture, but also the performers lifetime opportunity and dreams.
The group also arranged for the same time in Washington, Boston and New York culture and art tours free, more in-depth exploration of the American humanistic essence, let the children visit the well-known American universities to study abroad in the future dream at clearer and international outlook, self-planning New York free exercise more leadership training and cultural charm children Language planning capabilities and experience of leading cities in the world why

Time: July 17 starting August 8 to return to Taiwan, the period of 21 days (7 / 17-7 / 28 North Carolina, 7/29 trip to Washington, 7/30 Boston Tour, 8/1 8/8 New York freedoms)
Performances: one game every day the town square performances, theater two games, every one hour to arrange local students to communicate in English and interact with. Also by the organizers will invite all foreign and local dance teams participate in the "Festival Celebration Night", and held trample activities call activity and exchange gifts