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WANG YUAN-LI Taipei National University of the Arts School of Dance performances creation of the major dance performances.
Dance Department of Taipei National University of the Arts graduate major modern dance and teaching.
Former Cloud Gate Dance 2, water shadow Dance dancers.
Former Taipei Lan Yang Dance Courses ballet full-time teachers.
Yasukuni is currently in the North, the East Gate is small, the Chinese art of dance, the essence of dance set.
HSIEH WEN-HAN He graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts Department of Dance major ballet, modern
Learning experience:
2005~2006 to Germany Kiel Ballet dance training
~2005 to the American Dance School Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet Training
Jun. he graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts Department of Dance
Jun. graduated from National Taiwan Chinese Hua High School Dance Classes
~2004 joined the Imperial Ballet eleven
CHUNG HSUAN-I State Culture University dance department complete
Present: Private Hanaoka art school dance department of modern dance teacher (2011 - present) National High School Dance Division Lan Yang woman modern dance teacher (2009 - present) Chinese Arts Dance Ballet and modern dance teacher (2006 - present) - group dance children group rhythm and ballet teacher (2006 - present) Georgy dance ballet and modern dance teacher (2005 - present) stretch teacher Wei Chuan Foundation (2008 - present)
Previous posts:
Dunhuang dance educational institutions of modern dance teacher (2006 to 2009)
Lan Yang Dance modern dance teachers Ilan group (2009 to 2010)
Teaching Expertise: modern dance teaching ballet teaching preschool teaching rhythm
LIN I-CHING Dance Dance Department now studying at the Institute of Education, National Taipei University of the Arts
North Yasukuni graduation in dance classes
Lanyang Girls dance class graduates
Taipei Physical Education College Department of Dance Graduation
Taipei Municipal Institute of Physical Education Teacher Education Education to attend a small country drive
Expertise: Chinese folk dance, ballet, children rhythm, modern dance
Present: Taoyuan Yongfeng middle school attached to national performing arts teacher
Hsinchu faithful High School Associations Teachers
CHEN YU-MIN Expertise: modern, ballet, folk dance, folk dance, tap dance, diabolo, aerial ring, popular dance
Education: Now studying at State University Department of Dance Dance Institute in Taipei
Taipei Physical Education College Dance Department (majoring in Chinese modern dance ballet Minor)
National Taiwan College of Performing Arts Arts Dance Division
HUANG CHIEN-JUNG Now read the dance department at the Institute of Dance Education National Taipei University of the Arts
Li graduated from the Taipei Physical Education College of Ballet and Dance Major Minor Nationalities
He graduated from high school dance class graduated revival
Expertise: ballet, folk dance, modern dance
LIN HSIAO-CHUAN State Culture University graduate
Honor dance class teacher, dance teacher Pudeng nursery
CHAO SHUANG-SHUANG Beijing Dance Academy Chinese folk dance department complete
Present: East Gate small dance class tuition to teachers, Honor Dance Academy dance teacher, Wen Ying Arts Dance dance teachers, Paramita center folk dance teachers, dance teachers set water shadow dance
CHANG CHIEN-KUEI [Longbow Dance Theatre] colonel.
He graduated from the National Taipei University of the Arts Department of Dance
The Ministry of Culture 2012 DANCES Dance Competition earth "Year Award" and "preferably Award" winners.
The Ministry of Culture 2011 DANCES Earth Dance Competition "Year Award" and "preferably Award" winners.
LAI I-HSUAN Taipei renaissance high school graduation dance classes
Chinese Culture University Department of Dance Graduation
Now read Institute of Chinese Culture University Dance Department
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