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Art Direction WANG HSIANG-CHIN Teaching Expertise: Chinese classical dance / folk dance / Han and Tang Music and Dance
Art school dance department graduation
Lanyang Girls dance class Chinese dance movements Teachers
Overseas Youth Corps Camp Taiwan Anti dance teacher
Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee on Culture Teacher
ROC Dance Society
Head of Chinese Arts Dance
Honor Dance Class Leader
Art Direction LIU HSIN-JUNG National Revival drama school
Taipei National University of the Arts Department of Dance Graduation
Fo Guang University Master of Arts
Present: National Chung Cheng High School, Taoyuan High School, Hwa Kang Arts School, North Yasukuni, the Honor cram dance dance teachers
Art Direction KENNY LIANG Creative Dance Institute perform the third grade now attend Taipei National University of the Arts, the direction of Professor Professor Zhang Xiaoxiong.
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Dance Academy had advanced certificate graduate, majoring in Chinese dance, studying Shengpei Qi director.
During Taiwan's education, has been acquired by the Taipei National University of the Arts awarded the "Outstanding bridge Institute Scholarship"
"Bo-seok Scholarship" and "Guangdong Association scholarship."
Visiting Professor Dan Zhou Dorje Teaching or research areas:
Bishop courses: Integrated Course, Tibetan unit class, the Mongolian unit lesson
Choreographer CHAO SHUANG-SHUANG Lan Yang Dance senior members
CKS high school graduation dance classes
Beijing Dance Academy graduate, currently teaches dance classes in Honor
Beijing Chinese folk dance classes Teacher Teacher Grading Center
Musical director HUANG YUN-CHIN Taiwan University of Arts Department of Chinese music complete
National Institute of Ethnomusicology complete Tainan University of the Arts
Currently teaching at:
Currently in Taichung City and Taichung City Liren small country Zhongshan Music Club as a small flute teacher