The Chinese Arts Dancing Ensemble was founded in 1995 by Miss Hsiang-Chin Wang. The objectives of our dancing company are inheriting the essence of Chinese culture; cultivate the beauty of dancing art and promoting the development of dancing art in Taiwan. To achieve these goals, we recruit the best local dancing instructors to improve our members’ dancing skill; moreover, we invite overseas instructors every year to bring in international perspectives for our members, providing cross-cultural inspiration and the diversification of dancing performance around the world. 

  Furthermore, our company had cumulated lots of overseas performing experience and received the recognition from many international organizations, including INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR VOLKSKUNS (IOV), International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Moreover, we have represented Taiwan to participate in international cultural exchange programs for many times. Through the overseas performance experience and international cultural exchange activities, our members could expand their international viewpoints in the field of dancing performance and multi-cultural awareness.

  For many years, the Chinese Arts Dancing Ensemble has created several accomplishments in the National Students’ Dance Competition and Mongolian and Tibetan Dance Competition. In 2008, we received the honors of three gold medals, four silver medals and one bronze medal in the 10th Asian-Pacific Area Dance Competition in Singapore, which recovers the importance of pursuing perfection through hard working, and reflects a Chinese proverb, “One minute on the stage stems from off-stage efforts for ten years.” Because of our experience in Singapore, all of our members are looking forward to the coming International Music, Dance, and Art Festival in Idaho. We are looking forward to expressing our passion of Chinese dancing art and letting more people to experience the passion from the Chinese Arts Dancing Ensemble.

  The operational principles of our dancing company enclose not only the instruction of professional dancing skills but also the encouragement of a positive, enthusiastic and energetic philosophy for our members. It is emphasized a relaxing communication style among our members and instructors in the company. We try hard to listen to our members’ inside voices, realize their feelings and provide appropriate support and inspiration for them. Through the cumulated experience of overseas performance and competition, our young members could develop both independent life attitudes and cooperative spirits though group life during their international tours, which also increase their camaraderie and tacit understanding during performance.

  Miss Wang expects our young dancers not only possess professional dancing skills, but also have humble and thankful attitude toward life and dance.  What our company emphasizes is a comprehensive edification for our members, including the enlightenment of dancing skills, the interpersonal relationship in the group lives and sensible as well as intimate minds of their own families.

  Finally, we are appreciating your applause and support to our members and also expect your encouragement in the future. We will be in accordance with our original intention: let more and more kids loving dance to participate in the dancing performance art with their passion whole-heartily and being happy and feeling fulfillment because of dance.