I am Peggy Lin and I have been in Chinese Art Dance Ensemble for over ten years. The people in our group are dance lovers. My parents let me join the dance class for doing regularly exercise at first. But finally I spent almost my free time dancing and took part in the ensemble. Even now I don’t major in dance in college. During these years, I have been in many countries with our team to attend to festivals, such as Poland, Italy and Austria.  
You may think I love dancing because I can perform on the stage with a beautiful make-up, beautiful costume and enjoy the applause from audience. But I have to say not a just bit! For me, dancing is not such a wonderful thing. I have to practice more and more to get better and better. In my first high school year, I joined the student dance competition in Taipei. I spent almost all my summer time learning this program. But teacher said I just learned superficiality and it was not a complete program. Afterward I experienced many kinds of bottlenecks. Finally, I got the first place in the competition. But all I expressed was those training steps. I wept because I felt so depressed, fell asleep with my high heels because I couldn’t adapt to them for program, threw gall up because of spinning training. All of those are my profound memory and precious experience. But for me, dance is not just a kind of talent. My teachers not only teach how to dance but the attitudes about everything. They are also our counselors. Dancing affects my concept of dealing with things or even my personality. Because of dancing, I have lots of chances to learn more. And experience such a different life.