I am Cindy Wang from Taiwan. I am dancer of the Chinese Art Dancing Ensemble. This summer we have the chance to perform in the state of Idaho in the United States of America for the Idaho International Dance and Music Festival.  
Here are a few things you should know about me. I grew up in a small family. My father was a Navigator and my mother is a housekeeper. I also have a very caring brother. I am college student now and unlike other girls, I am majoring in becoming a Merchant Marine. I find that it is a wonderful thing to navigate and to explore this beautiful world. I will go to Kagoshima in Japan for practicum class before going to the U.S. this summer to perform with the dance group. I always try my best in college and to get to know everything possible about Navigation. My dream for the future is to be a Captain and to travel all around the world.  
Dance is my hobby. I studied dance for over 10 years since I was a little girl wearing a tutu. In contrast to the other dancers, I did not learn dance in The Chinese Art Dancing Ensemble school since childhood. Unlike other dancers living near the ensemble studio, when I have to go to the class, I must take the bus for almost one hour to get there. I don't mind traveling so far because I love dance and I have a good friend named Peggy who also dances with the dance ensemble. Dance has given me many unforgettable and happy memories during all these years.  
One happy memory among many is the time we performed with the ensemble in Poland in the summer of 2007, and when I won a prize in a competition in Taiwan. There was also the process of practicing and an event that happened on stage, but that is another story. I always enjoy performing on the stage, although the practice time is hard and long. When we finish our performances, the applause from the audience always makes us happy. All of our practices and performances are a chance to improve our skills.   
We start practicing two months before going to the U.S. this summer.  We rehearse the dances with traditional Chinese music that we will perform in the Idaho International Dance and Music Festival every weekend. Hopefully, we will have a wonderful show and the audience will enjoy it as much as we enjoy performing for them.